About Building Broken Warriors
Our focus has changed! We are now geared to working with our children, teens, & young adults and helping to shape tomorrow's future. Look out for more information and announcements about the Building Broken Warriors Foundation Inc.​
Building Broken Warriors Foundation

Core values are HOPE, HELP, HEALING, And LOVE 

We will GIVE you Hope even when you lost Hope

We will HELP You even when you can't Help yourself

We will guide you through your HEALING process

We will LOVE you through it All

The Foundation

Vision: Our vision is to make a difference in our community and in that Impact all the sphere of the world. We will endeavor to offer AA classes for recovering addicts, Food assist for Mother with children, business Seminars, skill training classes, Family counseling, day care, tutoring session, after school programs, and Housing For the homeless.

The Mission

Mission: We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization centered on community development and togetherness. Our mission is to uplift the community and to help broken people become whole again by empowering children, teens, young adults and families to achieve lifelong success despite oppositions. It’s our heart‘s desire to bring hope, help, healing, love and resources to the lives of people of all walks of life.


Elie Watson, Founder