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We are the RIVERA Family, They helped us    after we became homeless In November of 2015 we had lost our home due to the ACTIONS being Done by a Slum lord. (INCOMPETENT LANDLORD). We involved the News and Local Papers on the illegal running's of the slum lord. They uncovered many Code Violations stemming back to 2015 that weren't taken care of and a drug scheme but that didn't help our situation at all.

We were turned away from shelters; Put on a waiting list; with no where to go but our vehicle. Elijah had reached out to us and paid for a hotel and dinner. He kept in contact with us and continuously helped us along our journey. 

The "Building Broken Warriors Foundation" had Jumped into help us WITHOUT ANY SECOND THOUGHT. They are an Incredible Organization/Foundation to whom, My Family and I will always be indebted to.

Thank God, we not only overcame homelessness but we gained so much more than we originally had. God has his people in the right place for the right time, and the president (OWNER OF COMPANY B.B.W.F.) "Elijah Watson" and his team came thru, helped and supported us strongly. Placing my family and I in a Hotel for the Time Being until we found a Home!!

Thank You Very Much from OUR HEARTS, "Building Broken Warriors Foundation". 

The Rivera Family